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The Bravo Number Close

Was asked 3 times last week about my number close. Even though I know it can be found online elsewhere, adding it here for you guys so you can find all of MY stuff on MY site easily


This routine was developed out of necessity, I was hitting a sticking point and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I was number closing more chicks than I could remember each night, but was getting about 1/2 of them on the phone and about 1/2 of those out on dates.

I couldn’t figure out where I was messing up with my PHONE GAME. So I started experimenting around with the different phone tactics, not leaving voicemails, leaving voicemails with open loops, not texting, trying crazy text messages, calling from blocked numbers, calling them and only talking for a few mins, or talking to them for hours..etc

Not only was all of that crap tiring, but it never felt congruent with me. If I wanted to talk to someone on the phone I talked to them, if I didn’t I wouldn’t.

Then something clicked in my head from my martial arts training.

position before submission

Which means that setting things up correctly are more important and help lead to a submission.

Guys want to know how to do flying armbars and twisters in BJJ, but if they can’t even hold guard or pass someone else’s guard, it’s really a waste of time to even think about that advanced stuff because you will never even get to it.

It also means that if you are having trouble at one are of your game (submission or PUA) then it is because what you did leading up to it, wasn’t as tight as it could have been. The reason I was having trouble with the girls on the phone wasn’t my phone game, it was everything I had done BEFORE calling them!

(this is the main problem with Flash Game, guys get numbers but nothing happens after)

To test to see if the girls were genuinely attracted to me I came up with this-


The Bravo Number Close-

“Wow it has been amazing getting to know you; the crazy thing was is I wasn’t even going to go out tonight. My friends are heading out (I need to get back to my friends, hitting the road, whatever..) but we can’t just let this end here, we have to figure out a way to stay in touch, to keep this going… do you have any ideas/ how do we make this happen?”

Some of her possible responses are:

  • I could give you my phone number! (YES)
  • Some kind of funny remark, “well there are these things called CELLPHONES” then you say “oh that’s what those are for!” Then hand her your phone or a pen and paper (YES)
  • Well you could give me your number. (Cool then SWAP numbers)
  • Email/Facebook – a sign that you did not build ENOUGH of a connection but some
  • Maybe I will see you here again- you built almost NO connection

The reason I like this method so much is

  1. It is HER idea to give you her number, you are not tricking her into it, not putting her on the spot to give it, etc.. She is freely deciding to offer it.
  2. Because it is HER idea it is MUCH MORE SOLID. Sales- if it’s their idea to buy, let them!
  3. If she doesn’t offer it, you instantly know you need to work on building a connection, you don’t have to wait after a week of phone tag to find out where you stand, and can use that time and energy on new approaches.
  4. The big drawback to this is that with other number closes; if you get the number you can still build upon it later using phone and text game. With this one if she does not offer you the phone number it is then harder to get and build on. That to me is acceptable. I have other numbers to concentrate on and would rather know as soon as possible where I stand with her. I am also using this as a TEST to see how solid I am building a connection with her and not just worrying about getting the number


Contingency Plan- if I KNOW I only have a few minutes, I will purposely talk about my Facebook Stalker Routine (as featured in Neil Strauss’s Rules of the Game) and find out if they have one, then when asking her how to stay in touch it is a natural idea to swap Facebook info. The phone number is a much more personal item to give out than a Facebook page. So when time is limited I will steer it to a Facebook close. I can still work some Facebook game and my page has social proof all over it, so I will then let that DHV me. If it just not is in the cards, adding another hot girl online is a DHV on its own, so in my eyes even if that is all I get out of it, it is still something I can use to my advantage.


This routine was worked so well for me and others, that even though I only planned on using it for a short time, it is now my go to number close routine. I read field reports all the time where guys are saying they used this, even on the other side of the WORLD….that still blows me away!


Anyways guys, enjoy this and comment below if you have any questions, or post any feedback of you trying this out!

Hitting rock bottom

Standing on the balcony of my apartment in Phoenix, awesome view of not 1 but 3 different fireworks shows on this New Years Eve, a glass of Makers Mark whiskey in my hand and I was seconds away from hitting rock bottom.

My wife had told me she wanted a divorce months ago after our miscarriage, I wanted to try and make things work but it wasn’t possible. We had to sell our brand new house and I even helped her move her stuff into storage. We both were looking for new places to live, she lucked out and found a big townhouse, I couldn’t find anything and got an apartment. I think it was a week and she was already dating a guy, and from a few pictures I saw on MySpace and what I heard thru the grapevine, she was looking better than ever and living life to it’s fullest.

I still hadn’t come out of my downward spiral. Sitting on my couch watching DS9, eating fast food everyday. Life was pretty shitty for me, but I still had a little further down to go.

After being tired of being alone for almost a year, I got on a few online dating sites, but had no clue what to do, apparently it is a BAD idea to tell girls within the first few minutes of talking to them that I am 25 and divorced.

I somehow got lucky and had this cute little 20 year old Hispanic chick emailing me back and she even sent me a few sexy pics showing off her giant rack! All I kept thinking was if I was able to get this chick to be my new girlfriend everything would be fine. So I started making plans for us to hang out.

I had the foolproof idea that she should come over to my place for New Years for our first date. It would be so romantic, we could watch the fireworks, eat some food, and if she snuck a few sips of booze when I wasn’t looking no big deal, it might help me get some. 😀

I went to the store and stocked up on supplies, food, snacks, and chick friendly drinks. Spending money I didn’t have but fuck it, I might get laid so it was worth it.

8pm rolls around and she wasn’t there yet. We text a bit and she tells me she is running late, no biggie we got all night…

11pm rolls around and now she is no longer responding to my texts…

12:00am and I am standing outside on my balcony, alone just as the fireworks start to light up the desert sky.

I have now been stood up for the first time in my life and it was on fucking New Year’s Eve.

As I sat alone on my balcony. All I could think about was all the people out having the time of their life. My X who was in the arms of a new guy having her New Year’s Eve kiss. The chick who blew me off probably to go and hang with her friends.

I was alone….and not by choice. No friends, no girl, and was barely talking to my family.

I took a swig of my whiskey and thought to myself, this will never happen again. Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, by this time next year my life will be awesome.

-I started and stopped writing this post for weeks. Part 2 will be how I started to change