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So you want to be a PUA coach?

Think it’s time I write something about this.  The amount of messages I am getting asking the SAME question is insane.

Seems like many guys think they have what it takes to do what I do……. or at least think they do.

Also seems like many guys think I should come out to THEM to see their stuff…….

If you guys read THE GAME, think about how all the main guys got to that point where others were asking them to teach them?

Go out and sarge, try crazy shit, crash and burn, have insane nights out and Field Reports.  Get on a forum and get advice when you need it.  HELP others who need it.  Get your skills honed to a fucking razor’s edge.  Get back on the forums and help more people out.  Get KNOWN, get a rep for giving out solid advice.  Have posts that coaches can go and read and see where you are coming from and where you have been.  Let us see you helping out your brother’s as they are trying to learn this amazing art.

Just because you have solid game doesn’t mean you can teach for shit.  I have known MANY amazing martial artists, shooters, and talented men who cannot for the life of them teach it, usually they are the first to admit that.

I also know guys who are decent but AMAZING instructors.

I happen to be both.

You need to talk the talk and walk it.  But you also need to be able to work with someone and see where they need help, break it down so they can understand it, and give them what they need to succeed.

I did some mini workshops with friends to bring them up to speed so they could roll with us when we would go out back in the day before I even DREAMED of doing this as a job.

It took me almost a year of going out 3-4 nights a week, then staying up till like 5am debriefing with my wing, to get to this point.  Meeting up with guys on from the forum, going out with them, helping them break through sticking points.  Then adding more guys to our crew and helping them after.

It has been the most rewarding and demanding job I have ever had the honor of.  Helping guys learn lessons that I had to the hard way, saving them time and grief, helping them become the men they always wanted to be, getting the girlfriend of their dreams, and more….is a pretty sweet gig.  I go to bed each night knowing that I made a positive difference in this world.  (The rub is it takes even MORE time away from my personal life, so I have less time to work on these things!)

I worked my way up through the ranks.  Went to a seminar, met Neil Strauss (Style) and was asked to come on board.  Worked up from a Junior Coach, spoke at conferences, taught bootcamps, and made it to Senior Coach and was asked to move out to L.A. to work full time with Stylelife. A while later after running seminars and bootcamps I was promoted to Executive Coach and was in charge of the coaching cadre. In 2010 I formed my own company.

I already have our eye on some up and comers.  They are getting out there and kicking ass, posting on my forum, helping out their fellow men.  I only consider guys who I have met and have proven themselves as solid.

originally posted Jan 4, 2008 comments copied over