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FREE coaching flashchat with me

Most of you guys know that I have a FREE and awesome forum

The Bravohood

That I am the #1 poster on

-free tip next time you are on the other forums check and see how many posts the coaches or the guy who’s name is at the top of the page has…if it’s only a few that is because they don’t care about you and only use their forum to try and convert you to customers to make $$$

Hopefully most of you also know that on my kickass forum, we have a cool feature called FLASHCHATS where you can ask ANY question you want, and get advice from advanced members of my site

which is also 100% FREE!!!


I like to surprise the guys and jump in unannounced, because I am cool like that ūüėÄ


I mentioned in one of my recent emails that I would be hosting a special coaching flashchat soon, and I am planning it now.

So if you want to take advantage of this 100% FREE¬†opportunity¬†to shoot the shit with me, ask your PUA question, or just hang out and absorb the info from the other guy’s questions this is what you need to do.


1. Register for my forum NOW

Registration doesn’t happen¬†immediately, you have to confirm it before you can log in, and sometimes it takes a little while for the system to send out the confirmation email. You don’t want to be sitting in front of your computer hitting REFRESH every few seconds for it when the time comes. The link to my forum is at the upper right of this page

2. Watch the movie SIDEWAYS (youtube link) ASAP

This is one of my all time favorite movies…it’s not all about wine, and I am a whiskey drinker anyways. BUT this movie is really good for a couple of reasons, and during the flashchat I will cover how it really helped me out on my PUA journey AND how I use this movie to get girls back to my place for sexy time (seriously I can’t even count how many times I have watched the first 1/4 of this movie!)


3. Login to the flashchat room on the scheduled time with your questions ready

That’s it!


I am locking down the date and time now, and will announce it in my next email that goes out. If you are NOT on my email list…then I would sign up for that ASAP as well.

That is the box on the right of the screen that says you get access to the 30 min audio——>

Don’t worry, I have only sent out 9 emails to my members, don’t share them, and if you think they suck can unsubscribe with 1 click!

You are NOT going to get spammed or overrun with stupid BS emails that most of the time aren’t even written by the guy who signs off at the bottom…


You can check my coaching page now, I charge $200 for a 1 hour coaching call….so if you can’t swing that, don’t want to, or feeling me out to see if I am full of shit or not…this is your chance to do it for FREE.


someone's been a naughty girl


Merry Christmas!!!




FREE Condoms- there’s an app for that

The NYDaily news is reporting that NY released an iPhone/Droid app on Vday that lets you input an address and find 5 places to score condoms for FREE!

What about the rest of us who have condoms named after them and are always prepared?

I want free shit too!

all the “FREE” condoms I ever used were thick as fuck and felt like shit

FREE online game coaching & help me BETA test

I JUST posted this on my forum, but want to make sure all of my blog readers get the heads up and do not miss their chance-

I have been trying to develop a way that I can pass on my PUA skills to you guys in the coolest and most effective way possible.

I have been into the Pick Up scene for almost 5 years. In that time I went from a depressed overweight guy who was divorced at 25, to attracting and dating some amazing women, teaching alongside Neil Strauss aka Style for years at The Stylelife Academy and coaching thousands of men across the world in all areas of seduction.

I was known as the ALPHA MALE around Stylelife, and only decided to get into online dating because I thought it would be a cool topic to teach at a conference. I then took MONTHS trying crack the code of online dating using the tools I had developed thru my unique style of pick up.

Soon I was having girls message me almost daily, and these were some HOT ass chicks, and began having some insane nights (a few of the craziest LRs can be found on my forum)

After I taught it at the Spring Conference Neil came up to me and said it was the best presentation he had ever seen, and that even though our normal policy was NOT to speak at outside events, when anyone called to see if we would for now on, he was going to have ME teach Online Game.

…still mind blowing

I have since overhauled the entire system into what I am calling Online Game 2.0

The problem I faced was trying to figure out a way to get the information out of my brain and into your guy’s brains.

So I developed a NEW system on how to do that

The OLD way
(I still have never in my life finished reading one of these and hate them, have to back them up in case your computer crashes, sucks reading on laptops)

(Waiting 3 months for them to show up, poor quality, very hard to rewatch and find the section you want, having to HIDE THEM so guests don’t see them)

(who the fuck even buys CDs any more?)

Not only do I NOT buy CD’s anymore, I am done buying DVDs and books!

Since I am the most ACTIVE and reachable MPUA I decided that if I ever DID make a product I had to do it in the coolest format I could.

So I did

The problem= even though I think it is awesome, you guys might not.

So I need your help

I need some beta testers.

This may totally not work out, and I may have to make some DVDs if I ever want to get my Online Game 2.0 out there, but I hope with some feedback and help that won’t happen.

SO what I decided to do is have a contest to pick 3 BETA testers.

If you are selected you will actively work with me on making this as awesome as possible.

You will get my cell phone number, we will talk on the phone, I will help you learn my Online Dating System totally for free, to see if this works.

Now onto the HUGE 2 conditions-

1. Since I only want someone who is eager to learn and push the boundaries there is a contest that is starting RIGHT NOW. You must go out this weekend and get a picture of you having fun, doing something crazy, making out with a chick, having sex with a chick (cock free pic please) SOMETHING AWESOME and EPIC. In the pic you must be giving the Vulcan “live long and prosper” hand sign (it doesn’t have to be the focus of the pic, just in it so I can tell it is for this contest)

So not only do you get to have a chance at winning, but you also have an excuse to go out and have some fun!

2. Since it always bugs me when people do contests like this and “randomly” pic a winner, and it turns out the winner is NOT random, OR many times a guy who just swooped in and won, I am only letting members of my forum enter this contest. Furthermore I am only allowing GOLD MEMBERS enter.


THOSE are the guys who are supporting the forum, giving back to others, and because of that get a shot at winning.
like I said in the GOLD NAME thread, you don’t have to be a GOLD NAME to be on my forum, but for the guys who help support the site and support me, sure as shit I am going to try and do cool stuff for them back

So that is the deal, post 1 awesome pic in this thread, GOLD NAMERS only, giving the Vulcan hand sign

the contest ends on Sept 7th at midnight (more time for Labor Day)

I will then pick 3 winners and we will work together and see if this whole thing works out

Google Voice – FREE open sign up

Need a 2nd phone number for all the ladies? Got a crazy chick calling you need to block?

or, want 1 phone number that a customer can call and can reach you all the time?

Google voice does all of this, is free, and is awesome!

All you need is a gmail address and an existing number to link it to. You can even pick a number that spells something out, like your name.


(android users can link right up to it thru an app, us iPhone users got fucked by Apple but we can still just go to the website and use all the kickass features for free thru safari)