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The Bravohood hits 1000 members!!!





I remember when I first set up this site as just a blog, really so I could stay in touch with many of the guys who enjoyed my posts and writing.


Then one of them posted as a comment that I should add a forum

The truth is I REALLY wanted to create my own forum and FINALLY be able to run it MY WAY




I didn’t want to make one and have it be a ghost town.

One of the first things I do when researching someone / trying to figure out if PUA coach is solid – is check out their website.

A cool set up and flashy pages can just mean that they suckered a computer intern into designing something for them, but the forum never lies.

  • How active is it?
  • Does the guy who’s name is on the website post there?
  • Are their posts actually cool/funny/helpful or just shitty marketing?
  • How are the rest of the members? Helpful or just frustrated keyboard jockeys
  • Is there an easy way to instantly tell who the advanced guys are?
  • Is the forum COOL?

So when I set up MY forum- THE BRAVOHOOD I tried my best to address each of these, and it seems like many of you guys dig it…well at least 999 of you.



I was blown away when we hit 300, then 500….now 1000

Thank you guys, and here is to the next 1000